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When you think of bridesmaids, the movie Bridesmaids may pop in your head. And honestly, nine times out of ten, any movie with bridesmaids in it shows the bridal party celebrating with non-stop drinks. That’s all well and good for a film, but in reality, your bridesmaids will probably vary in age. Odds are, you might have […]
As your big day approaches, your bridesmaids are going to be devoting some of their personal time to help you have the best wedding possibly. From tagging along to dress fittings to helping you pick out the fonts for the invitations, this is some serious work. What better way to show your thanks than to give your […]
Most bridesmaids gifts are themed either for summers at the beach or a day at the spa. What if your nuptials take place in the magical wonderland that is the winter holiday season? You’ll definitely need something to match the theme. Well, good news! There are some cute, seasonally appropriate bridesmaids gifts for a holiday […]
Your friends have been a huge help to you throughout your wedding experience. Whether getting dragged along to dress fittings or helping pick out the flowers, invites and cake, they’ve been through it all. Not to mention their own planning for a bachelorette party and bridal shower! Show your bridesmaids that you care with a […]
As you go through the laborious task of planning your wedding you’re going to be leaning on your bridesmaids at every turn. They’ll help you pick out your invitations, “ooh and ahh” at your dress and plan your bridal shower and bachelorette party. These girls will be taking on a ton of responsibilities over the […]
It’s tradition to gather all of your bridesmaids in one place for a girls-only celebration before your big day. Whether that’s a bridal shower, bachelorette party or a special bridal party-only shindig, a spa day is where it’s at. Don’t forget to get your bridesmaids something special to say thank you. After all, they’ll be putting up […]