The Secret To Being Prepared on Your Wedding Day!

You want it to be perfect, but you know it won’t be. On this all-important day, the pressure can even crack Superman’s nerves of steel. After months of planning and with so much at stake, the unpredictable situations, surprises and SNAFUs that can happen can make any bride nervous. But, why be nervous when you can be prepared?! With a little forethought and planning, everything you need to ward off disasters can be right at your fingertips. How? With a Wedding Day Survival Kit, of course!

Here to Save the Day!

When you think about wedding survival kits, most people tend to cover the obvious–an extra pair of pantyhose if yours gets snagged, clear nail polish to stop runs if there’s no time to change, a compact mirror, comb, tissue, bobby pins, hairspray, mints (or gum), safety pins, perfume, emery boards, sewing kit and aspirin. But to truly be prepared, here are some much-needed, often-overlooked items from The Thread that can help save the day:

  • Lip Stain (it’s way better than lipstick because it lasts and won’t get on your teeth)
  • Band-aids (not just for cuts and scrapes, they really help when you’ve gotten a blister from those tight wedding shoes)
  • Tide to Go pen (erase those spots and stains right out of there)
  • Blotting papers (because you want to shine on your wedding day, just not on the photos)
  • Dental floss (no one wants to have food in their teeth all night)
  • Super Glue (for anything that becomes unglued–too bad it doesn’t work on nerves!)
  • White chalk (an ingenious way to cover up marks on your wedding gown)
  • Eye drops (to take care of those red eyes–whether from the night before or the tears of joy)
  • Straws (so you stay hydrated without smearing your lipstick–if you don’t use lip stain, of course!)

Personalized Preparation

If you don’t want to take the time to create your own (since you already have a ton of things to do for the big day), choose one of our wedding-day survival kits. Geared for each person in your wedding party, they ensure personalized preparation for all! There’s one for the bride, the groom and the bridesmaids.

Personalized Bridesmaid Survival Kit Purse

Groom's Wedding Survival Kit


Bride's Wedding Day Survival Kit