Your friends have been a huge help to you throughout your wedding experience. Whether getting dragged along to dress fittings or helping pick out the flowers, invites and cake, they’ve been through it all. Not to mention their own planning for a bachelorette party and bridal shower!

Show your bridesmaids that you care with a special gift. Traditionally handed out at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, bridesmaid gifts let your favorite women know how much you appreciate them. Need some inspiration for great personalized bridesmaid gifts? You’ve come to the right place.

1. Monogram Medallion Necklace

Your girls would love the surprise of beautiful jewelry. This necklace is delicate and understated, which makes it perfect for a group of varied, unique women. You can choose from silver or gold and get their initials on the medallions.

Personalized Necklace | 8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

2. Monogram Charm Bracelet

Maybe they’d prefer bracelets instead of necklaces. This one features a heavy silver chain and a heart charm you can personalize with each bridesmaid’s initial. It comes with an organza gift pouch.

Personalized  Bracelet | 8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

3. Sequin Initial Tote

You can’t get much cooler than one of these totes. It’s made of jute fabric with vegan leather straps and a fun sequin monogram. Fill the tote with other fun gifts to make it a memorable gift bag that they can bring to the beach for years to come.

Personalized Tote Bag | 8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

4. Monogram Makeup Bag

Inside the tote bag–or on its own–give each bridesmaid one of these monogram makeup bags. The black and white quilted and canvas fabric makes it work with most fashion aesthetics.

Personalized Makeup Bag | 8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

5. “Hello Gorgeous” Compact

What about inside that makeup bag? This cute mirrored compact has a pink dotted design and a gold “Hello Gorgeous” text. At the bottom of the label, put a little thank you note with your bridesmaid’s name.

Personalized Compact | 8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

6. Nautical Acrylic Tumbler

Do you spend the day at the beach with your friends? Or maybe your bachelorette party is at a spa? Then these nautical acrylic tumblers would be a hit with the girls. Put your bridesmaids’ names on each one and even get one for yourself.

Personalized Tumbler | 8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

7. Monogram Decanter

Whether it’s sparkling champagne or refreshing cucumber water, this glass decanter acts as a unique and beautiful pitcher. Hand out one for each bridesmaids with their initials emblazoned on the side.

Personalized Decanter | 8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

8. Bamboo Bar Board and Shot Glasses

You could also get each of your bridesmaids a set of shot glasses and a personalized bar board. The board is made of bamboo and is perfect for cutting limes and lemon wedges. It could even be used as a fancy cheese board!

Personalized Bar Board | 8 Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

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