5 Bridesmaid Gifts That are Perfect for a Spa Day

It’s tradition to gather all of your bridesmaids in one place for a girls-only celebration before your big day. Whether that’s a bridal shower, bachelorette party or a special bridal party-only shindig, a spa day is where it’s at. Don’t forget to get your bridesmaids something special to say thank you. After all, they’ll be putting up with all your demands in the coming months!

1. A Cute Tote

Give your girls something they can carry to the spa. They can use this bag as both a useful tote and a place to put the rest of their gifts.

Spa Bridesmaid Gifts: Spa Tote

2. A Pretty Robe

They’re going to need cute robes for the spa. Personalized pink robes will make your bridesmaids feel special at the spa. Plus, they can take them home when the day is over.

Spa Bridesmaid Gifts: Robes


3. A Makeup Bag

The girls might need something to carry the little items they’ll bring to the spa, like the makeup they’ll put on as they leave. Why not give them a makeup bag to put it all in? You could even personalize them with each girl’s initials.

Spa Bridesmaid Gifts: Makeup Bag

4. A Manicure Kit

Inside the makeup bag, toss in a manicure kit. This is less for the spa day and more as a useful item for the future. Every time they do their nails, they’ll think of this amazing spa day and your super fun wedding.

Spa Bridesmaid Gifts: Manicure Kit


5. An Acrylic Tumbler With Lid

Wine and spas go hand-in-hand, but you don’t want a wine glass that could spill or break. A lidded acrylic tumbler is the perfect choice!


Spa Bridesmaid Gifts: Acrylic Tumbler