Gifts for Your Bridesmaids Under 21

When you think of bridesmaids, the movie Bridesmaids? may pop in your head. And honestly, nine times out of ten, any movie with bridesmaids in it shows the bridal party celebrating with non-stop drinks. That’s all well and good for a film, but in reality, your bridesmaids will probably vary in age. Odds are, you might have a few bridesmaids that are under 21. Don’t worry, there are plenty of gifts for your bridesmaids that don’t feature alcohol. We’re talking fun, useful, and adorable gifts that any bridesmaid would love no matter her age. Whether you’re handing these out when you “propose” to your bridesmaids or gifting them during the bachelorette party, your ladies will love them.

1. Bridesmaid Bath Bombs

Sure, you could just ask a simple, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Or, you could do it in style with these bridesmaid bath bombs. Inside each pretty pink, floral-scented ball hides a little vellum message that says “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Women of all ages can appreciate this fun way to get a wedding party proposal.

Bath Bomb | Gifts for Your Bridesmaids Under 21 | My Wedding Favors

2. Ceramic Coffee Mug

Just because they aren’t old enough to drink doesn’t mean you can’t give gifts for your bridesmaids that are tailored to beverages. These ceramic travel mugs, with silicone/rubber lids, are sturdy enough for an active lifestyle. The message, “Works well with others but only after coffee,” makes them perfect for your coffee-loving bridesmaids.

Travel Ceramic Coffee Mug | Gifts for Your Bridesmaids Under 21 | My Wedding Favors

3. “Bride Squad” Acrylic Tumbler

What about the cold drinks? We’re talking lemonade, iced tea, and non-alcoholic versions of your favorite fruity cocktail classics. Hand out these “Bride Squad” acrylic tumblers to every bridesmaid, especially if you’re having an outdoor bachelorette party at the beach or spa.

Bride Squad Tumbler | Gifts for Your Bridesmaids Under 21 | My Wedding Favors

4. Tassel USB Key Chain

Equal parts aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful, the tassel key chain will be well-loved by everyone on your list–not just the ladies under 21. Hidden underneath these pretty pink and brown tassels is a set of USB cables. If your favorite gals are in a phone-charging emergency, they can use their key chain to get the battery life they need.

USB Tassel Keychain | Gifts for Your Bridesmaids Under 21 | My Wedding Favors

5. Ceramic Llama Phone Amplifier

How about a way to play loud music without the standard black speakers? Your bridesmaids can set their phone in one of these cute ceramic llamas for some serious amplification. If they already have speakers, they can always put candy in there or even plant some succulents.

Llama Phone Amplifier | Gifts for Your Bridesmaids Under 21 | My Wedding Favors

6. Marble Ceramic Phone Stand

When it comes to useful desktop items, it doesn’t get much more chic than these marble ceramic phone stands. Bridesmaids of all ages will love the white, purple, and pink marble with shiny gold accents. Stand up a cell phone while it charges and put pens or a few pretty flowers in the vase at the back.

Marble Phone Stand | Gifts for Your Bridesmaids Under 21 | My Wedding Favors