Glamping: Bachelorette Style

Your bestie just announced she’s tying the knot and you’re the Maid of Honor. It’s time to start planning the best ever bachelorette party for your adventurous gal pal. While your favorite bride-to-be loves the outdoors, the majority of your girl squad loves everything glamorous. So how do you make them compromise? You don’t have to. Glamping is your answer! Glamping, bachelorette style, is super on trend, and there are countless glamping venues, planning kits, and party favors. Keep reading to see how glamping is the new bachelorette party must-do!

Big Cypress Lodge

Known as the top outdoor paradise lodging in the Southeast, your glamping experience will be more glam and less camp! Your bestie, as well as the entire bach party squad, will fall in love with this indoor-outdoor experience. With treehouse suites, 100-foot tall trees, screened-in porches with views, dining and shopping options, this pyramid-style lodge is everything. Your excursions will be set as the lodge has access to outdoor activities such as fishing, alligator and duck viewings, and shooting and archery ranges. Be sure to check out Big Cypress Lodge, especially if you and the bride-to-be are East Coast gals!

Big Cypress | Glamping: Bachelorette Style | My Wedding FavorsBig Cypress Lodge

Last Fling Before the Ring

Once you and the squad find a glamping site, what’s next? Well not only do you want to spoil your bride-to-be, you want to have plenty of opportunities to show it all off on Snaps or Insta! This Last Fling Before the Ring 66 Piece Bachelorette Party Kit has all the decorations you need to throw an epic bachelorette party in the wilderness. You’ll get your banners, cups, party flags, her sash, and even more with this perfect party-ready kit. It really is her last “glamping” fling before the ring so it’s only fitting to grab this party kit for your big wild outdoorsy-experience.

Last Fling Before the Ring 66 Piece Bachelorette Party Kit | Glamping: Bachelorette Style | My Wedding Favors

My Wedding Favors

Magical Unicorn Bath Bomb

No bachelorette party is successful without some R&R for the bride-to-be and her squad. This Magical Unicorn Bath Bomb is a treat that all your girls will enjoy. In fact, after all this planning, you deserve it the most. While it smells divine, it changes the colors of your bath water to teals, pinks, and purples. If you didn’t feel like a unicorn before, you sure will now. Give them to your girls upon arrival, and the magical glamping weekend will be off to a great start!

Magical Unicorn Bath Bomb | Glamping: Bachelorette Style | My Wedding Favors

My Wedding Favors

Sip & Spin Bachelorette Party Game

Sure there are lots to do in the great outdoors, but you need a wedding-themed activity too! This Bachelorette Party Game is a new wedding-like take on a classic game. It’s a drinking game that includes bachelorette-squad shot glasses and a ring-shaped spinner! There’s one shot glass that says getting married, and the other three say getting drunk. Which one will you be? We guarantee there won’t be any dull moments with this unforgettable game.

My Wedding Favors

Glamping Hub

Remember how we mentioned that glamping has become the newest trend in bachelorette party experiences? Well now, there is even a website dedicated to finding glamping venues. It is called Glamping Hub, consider it the Airbnb of the glamping world. You can find glamping locations all over the country and even decide on the dates and budget that work for you and all your girls. It’s an amazing resource if you’re looking for the perfection GLAMP-IT-OUT venue!

Glamping Hub | Glamping: Bachelorette Style | My Wedding Favors

Glamping Hub