7 Gorgeous Bridal Shower Themes

It’s time to start planning an elegant soiree for your favorite bride-to-be! You want her bridal shower to be as beautiful and special as the bond the two of you share. She’s one of your best gal pals and you’re ready to start spoiling her rotten. Should you host a daytime brunch or an early evening extravaganza? The possibilities are limitless, but we are here to guide you! Keep reading for some major inspiration on the most gorgeous bridal shower themes.

1. Moroccan Oasis

A Moroccan Aasis themed bridal shower is the epitome of exotic glam! Lanterns, pops of bold pinks and oranges, and wooden accents add all the drama needed for a stand-out event. If your bestie bride loves a mixture of ancient travels and culture, this is the perfect theme. It’s a great day-to-night theme as well, so get started on prepping for this glamorous bridal shower.

Moroccan Oasis Bridal Shower Theme

2. The Teller of Fortunes

Every party needs a little mystery, right? This Teller of Fortunes theme will entertain the bride-to-be and the entire bridal crew. This party screams mystery and tons of fun! If you want to add a spooky flare or make it Halloween-inspired, you can do that too. You can use this versatile theme for either spooky thrills or enchanting stories!

Fortune Teller Bridal Shower Theme

3. Coco Chanel in Paris

This next theme is pure elegance, sophistication, and charm. Coco Chanel in Paris uses a black, pink, and white color palette. You can use fresh florals to set the mood and make Chanel logo cookies for treats and Insta-worthy pics! You can even set out a perfume bar and let all your guests leave with a signature scent. Another option that adds a game element is having the bride-to-be make her own signature scent and gift it to all her guests. The choice is yours!

Coco Chanel in Paris Bridal Shower Theme

4. Beyoncé’s Lemonade

How can we go wrong with anything having to do with Queen Bey? Beyoncé’s Lemonade is not only a famous song and slogan, but it’s now also a famous bridal shower theme. And why wouldn’t it be? Your favorite bride-to-be will be thrilled to know that she gets to be Queen Bey for her big day. Set the table with lemons, greenery, and lemonade. Add some rose gold straws or pops of baby pink for a youthful and fresh vibe. Don’t forget your Beyoncé playlist.Beyonce's Lemonade

Citrus Themed Bridal Shower Decor

5. Bollywood

Known as the Hollywood of the East, Bollywood is marked with vibrant Indian culture and entertainment. This is a great theme if you’re looking for something fun, colorful, and cultural. You could do a Henna station for your bridal guests while keeping their food palette amused with all the delectable Indian spices. It’s a gorgeous theme for a gorgeous bride. Put on your Sari and be the hostess with the MOSTess!

Bollywood Bridal Shower Theme

Bollywood Themed Bridal Shower Decor

6. Chic Winter Shower

There are many brides that opt for Winter Wonderland weddings. If your favorite bride is tying the knot in the Winter, perhaps you’d like to do a Winter-themed bridal shower? A Chic Winter shower is trendy, classy, and right on-trend. You can decorate with candles, furs, and white fabrics. You can even do a hot cocoa bar or a smore’s station for some yummy treats. Get started now if you’re hosting this Winter season!

Chic Winter Shower Bridal Shower Theme

7. Celestial

If love is in the air and the night sky, a Celestial theme is the way to go! If your bestie is into all things Zodiac, she will absolutely appreciate this clever theme. You can use a night sky color palette and have everyone’s Zodiac horoscope pre-printed on the table. Another fun way of making this theme engaging is by getting everyone to guess each other’s astrological sign. It’s a super cute theme that your bride-to-be is sure to love!

Celestial Bridal Shower Theme