Wedding Tablescape Inspiration: Greenery

Would you rather be surrounded by the lush greenery of a dense forest or by colorful flowers of a garden? While daisies and roses typically take center stage when it comes to wedding decorations, that doesn’t mean you have to follow the trend. Skip the large chrysanthemums and decorate your wedding reception tables with the leaves of your favorite greenery. Need some serious tablescape wedding reception? We’ve got you covered.

1. Seating Arrangements

If you want a wedding on the greener side, think about the small details not only the huge floral arrangements. Start with the reception table. As soon as guests arrive, greet them with eco-friendly table numbers. Stick the number into a planter with succulents or ferns. Whether you want your reception tables to be decked out or if you’re going for the minimalistic look, single plants will complement your tables.

Greenery Wedding Inspiration: Table Numbers

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Of course, if you have a more specific seating arrangement, you’ll need place card holders. These geometric white and gold holders add a chic element to your leafy centerpieces. Guests could even take them home at the end of the night.

Greenery Wedding Inspiration: Place Card Holders

2. A Variety of Pots and Plants

While you could cover every table with the same kind of pot, opt for rustic and unique ones for every table, all within the same color family. Put a different lush green plant in each pot to diversify your selection. Since you may not have enough space for all of these after the wedding is over, hand them out as gifts.

Greenery Wedding Inspiration: Various Planters

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3. A Touch of the Tropical

Even tropical destination weddings can rock greenery-inspired reception centerpieces. Cover tables with palm fronds and other leaves straight from the beach. Monstera leaves are round and flat enough to make perfect placemats, adding a nice dark green accent to plain white plates.

Greenery Wedding Inspiration: Tropical Plants

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4. Dotting with Succulents

What’s the problem with fresh plants? They wilt over time, whether it’s flowers or leafy greenery. Pick plants that can withstand your long wedding reception with a variety of succulents. This is also a great way to introduce a variety of earthy colors.

Greenery Wedding Inspiration: Succulents

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Need potting inspiration? Place your succulents and small plants in these white and gold geometric planters. If you went with geometric place card holders for your reception tables, these will match perfectly.

Greenery Wedding Inspiration: Geometric Planters

5. An Opportunity for Fragrance

Just because you’re skipping the flowers doesn’t mean you can’t introduce some fragrance to your centerpieces. Go for herbaceous scents with sprigs of eucalyptus, sage, or rosemary. If you want a tiny splash of color aside from all the green, lace sprigs of fresh lavender throughout your table, adding a complex scent profile.

Greenery Wedding Inspiration: Lavender

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