Since emerald is the official color of 2013, there’s a good chance that you’ve picked this jewel-tone as your wedding’s official color.

You may be wondering how you can incorporate emerald into your accessories. After all, if you have a white dress, you’ll need to inject some of that deep green somewhere into your look. Here, you’ll find 5 awesome wedding accessories that are all about the emerald.

If you’re having a retro wedding, these 1920s-style earrings are a great way to show your vintage flair.

This emerald tipped bracelet will shine brightly on your wrist as your new husband leads you to the floor for your first dance.

Image courtesy of weddingomania

If you’re putting your hair up for your wedding, this jeweled barrette might look lovely in your tresses.

Image courtesy of Jewelsalem on Etsy

While they may not be as big and out-there as the retro earrings above, these pretty ovals make a nice statement and can even be a good accessory for your bridesmaids.

Image courtesy of the Dessy Group

We can’t forget about the groom! If you’re sporting a nice emerald green, so should he. An emerald tie brings the whole theme together and looks darn handsome.

How will you accessorize will emerald on your wedding day?