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A wedding dress might never be worn more than once, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your heels again! These fun, fabulous wedding shoes can and should be worn even after your special day. 1. Mesmerizing Metallics Metallic wedding shoes, like these cute Christian Louboutin heels, are fashionable for so many different occasions! Photo Credit: Jose Villa […]
Bow ties are cool–and they’re especially good for the groom on his wedding day. While traditional ties are the classic choice, the bow tie is better for grooms that want to be different, trendy or fashionable. But bow ties don’t have to be a crisp black. If you want some inspiration for cool wedding bow […]
Tiaras are a classic hair accessory for weddings. They add a bit of royal glamor to your wedding hairstyle and can go well with both traditional and quirky wedding themes. Not sure if a wedding tiara is right for your bridal ensemble? Read on for the top 6 reasons why you should wear a tiara […]
Since emerald is the official color of 2013, there’s a good chance that you’ve picked this jewel-tone as your wedding’s official color. You may be wondering how you can incorporate emerald into your accessories. After all, if you have a white dress, you’ll need to inject some of that deep green somewhere into your look. […]

We’ve talked about adventurous wedding dress colors before. While white is the most traditional gown color, that doesn’t mean you can’t venture into other colors. Today, we’re highlighting the classically girly and feminine wedding dress color: pink! Pale pink dresses work well for daytime weddings. They give that hint of pink without being overpowering. And […]


Every now and then, you hear a debate at the local beauty shop or at a family get-together. One group insists that white should be reserved only for the bride. The other insists that the no-white rule is outdated. What’s the real answer? Should guests be able to wear white to a wedding? New Rules […]