6 Reasons to Wear a Tiara to Your Wedding

Tiaras are a classic hair accessory for weddings. They add a bit of royal glamor to your wedding hairstyle and can go well with both traditional and quirky wedding themes.

Image courtesy of Wedding Goal

Not sure if a wedding tiara is right for your bridal ensemble? Read on for the top 6 reasons why you should wear a tiara on your wedding day.

  1. You’ve always dreamed of wearing one. When you’ve dreamt of a tiara atop your head on your wedding day since you were a little girl, why not fulfill that wish?
  2. You like a bit of sparkle and glamor. And nothing says glamor like a bejeweled hair piece.
  3. You want to add a bit of class to your smaller wedding. Just because you’re having a small wedding doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with a bejeweled tiara.
  4. Your fiance would love it. Does he think of you as his princess? Does he think of himself as a prince, knight or king? Then a tiara would certainly fit the role.
  5. You’re having a themed wedding. Whether the theme is royalty, luxury or even Disney princesses, a tiara will complete your themed wedding ensemble.
  6. You’re an actual princess. In which case, it would be bad etiquette not to wear one!

Will you be wearing a tiara on your wedding day?