Fashion Spotlight: Pink Wedding Dresses

We’ve talked about adventurous wedding dress colors before. While white is the most traditional gown color, that doesn’t mean you can’t venture into other colors.

Today, we’re highlighting the classically girly and feminine wedding dress color: pink!

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Hendrick Moy Photography

Pale pink dresses work well for daytime weddings. They give that hint of pink without being overpowering. And the ruffles in the dress above produce an optical illusion so that it looks like multiple shades of pink. Pretty!

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Mon Cheri Bridal

If the first dress was too pink for you, you can go even paler. This dress has just a hint of pink so that it still brings that white-wedding-dress feel. Pair something like this with white jewelry to make it even more traditional.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Mittens Photography Inc.

Bold, bright pinks look very good with wedding dresses from other cultures. Here, you can see that the pink goes well with the jewelry and henna adornments to create an overall stunning bridal look.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Christina Naylor Photography

You want pink but you’re just not brave enough to take it all the way? Choose a white dress with pink accents like the dress above. This is an especially good way to incorporate pink if it’s your wedding’s main accent color.

Are you going to wear a pink dress to your wedding?