My Wedding Favor #395: Beating the Backless-Gown Blues

Hello, all you beautiful brides-to-be! Today’s wedding favor, compliments of Bridal Guide magazine and NYC dance and exercise instructor Colleen Durham, is for those of you who have selected or are just thinking about a backless wedding gown. After all, the weather is getting warmer. If you’re concerned about back fat, you can push it back and out of sight with some exercises designed specifically to get your beautiful back back in shape for that perfect back-free fashion!

Exercise #1 Sit on a chair or on the floor; pull your belly in and shoulders down (chest will lift.) float your arms up and out to shoulder height, palms down. Press your arms slowly down to your sides. If you create enough resistance, you’ll feel it in the lateral muscles, which wrap around your back from beneath your arms. Press down to a slow count of four, then allow arms to float back up; repeat six times.

Exercise #2 Stretch arms out to the sides, at shoulder height, palms facing forward. Slowly begin to press palms toward each other, creating resistance between them. Repeat four times.

Exercise #3 Raise your arms straight up over your head, palms facing front. In one smooth motion, slowly lower shoulders and arms toward your back. Repeat six times.

AAAAAAAAAAAAStick with My Wedding Favors! We’ve got your back!