Popular Groom Fashion: The Bow Tie

Bow ties are cool–and they’re especially good for the groom on his wedding day. While traditional ties are the classic choice, the bow tie is better for grooms that want to be different, trendy or fashionable.

But bow ties don’t have to be a crisp black. If you want some inspiration for cool wedding bow tie looks, then read on.

Image via: Brita Photography

A good alternative to a black bow tie? How about a polka dot! You could pick a dark color but add a bit of flavor with some light-colored polka dots.

Image via: Z Media

If you’re wondering how to incorporate your wedding color scheme into the groom’s garb, you can always do it with the bow tie. Even if your color is pink, he can still look cool like the picture above.

Image via: Elise B Photography

Having a summer wedding? Incorporate your summer orange theme in the groom’s bow tie.

Image via: Mrs2Be

While all examples up until now have been patterns, that doesn’t mean you can’t do a solid color!

Image via: The Belle and The Beau

Don’t forget about the groomsmen! You could have them all wearing bow ties, but choose a different color design for the groom.

What’s your favorite bow tie look?