5 Gorgeous Fall & Winter Inspired Bouquets

With lots of reasons to enjoy the fall and winter months, we wanted to help change the narrative about the seasons to one focused on fun and delight. And, that means highlighting one of our favorite details –fall and winter wedding bouquets. Trust us when we say we know how difficult it is to pick the perfect bouquet for the big day! With the cooler seasons swinging in full force, we wanted to showcase a few gorgeous bouquets that will complement a fall or winter wedding beautifully!

1. Carnation Wedding Bouquet

Carnations never go out of season! Deep burgundy tones paired with warm-toned florals make for an elegant bouquet that can’t be missed walking down the aisle. Adding carnations to each bridesmaid’s bouquet will help everything look cohesive and beautiful.Carnation Bouquet

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2. Feathers and Thistle Wedding Bouquet

Greenery, feathers, and thistles show us that flowers don’t have to be the main focal point of every bouquet! Depending on the type of wedding, this style could be perfect for a vintage or minimalistic theme. Also, this color scheme will definitely pop against a white wedding dress.

Feathers and Thistle Bouquet


3. Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Did you know that the tulip season is actually in the winter? They’re a lovely flower to feature in a winter wedding bouquet. Whichever shade of tulip you choose, intertwine them with complimentary colored flowers along with bright greens for a clean and fresh-picked look.
Tulip Bouquet

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4. Sunflower Wedding Bouquet

Sunflowers will stand out in any bouquet and will especially darling in an autumn wedding. Pairing them with roses could make for a beautiful and unique arrangement. Whether you opt for a fuller bouquet or a simpler one, sunflowers will add a festive touch.
Sunflower Bouquet

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5. Celosia Wedding Bouquet

Celosia offers a wonderful textural quality to bouquets, particularly in the fall when the flower is in season. It looks even more vibrant when paired with bright and deep colored florals. Try mixing in hues of blue, green, coral, and purple into the bouquet for an eye-catching piece.Celosia Bouquet

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