Spooky Ideas for a Halloween Bachelorette Party

Sure, there are pluses to a summer bachelorette party. There’s the sunshine, the beaches, and the bikinis. However, there’s something magical about celebrating your bachelorette party during the cooler months of the year. If you dare to be different and enjoy all things thrilling, choose the spooky decor and fun costumes of a Halloween bachelorette party. Your ladies will love munching on horror-themed snacks and drinking Halloween drinks, all while celebrating you: The bride.

1. Group Costumes

This is the perfect opportunity for a group costume. Choose a theme that every lady on the list can manage. Leave a little room for creativity by asking everyone to wear black for a coven of witches. You’ll turn heads in every bar you enter.

Halloween Bachelorette Party: Group Costumes

Andrew R Simoneaux

Of course, the bride has to look extra special amidst a sea of beautiful witches. Create a DIY spider crown to show her importance. Everyone will know and honor the bride-to-be.

Halloween Bachelorette Party: Spider Crown

Delia Creates

2. Spooky Decorations

The decorations will make or break a Halloween bachelorette party. You’ll want to fill the room with Halloween decor. Little touches go a long way, like black and orange candles, black wine glasses, and spider web-covered centerpieces.

Halloween Bachelorette Party: Decorations


The ceiling is the most forgotten part of the decor. Do your party a favor by hanging witch hats from the ceiling. Add white or purple twinkle lights to make it even more magical!

Halloween Bachelorette Party: Witches Hats

Rose & Chambray

3. Dastardly Drinks

No boring bachelorette party shots are allowed! Make your shots spooky with a signature cocktail. These Witches Brew shots feature vodka, lime juice, and raspberry liqueur, creating a gorgeous purple hue.

Halloween Bachelorette Party: Witches Brew

Sprinkles & Sprouts

For those who love bottled beverages, hollow out a real or carvable craft pumpkin, add a plastic bowl inside, and fill it with ice. Now, you’ll have a fashionably festive cooler for bottles of beer or champagne.

Halloween Bachelorette Party: Pumpkin Cooler

The DIY Playbook

4. Halloween Party Foods

Halloween party food is where your creativity can really shine. Bite-sized treats and toasty appetizers are easily transformed into monsters or ghosts. Wrapping food in puff pastries is an easy way to turn them into an edible mummy, like these mummy jalapeno poppers.

Halloween Bachelorette Party: Hot Pepper Mummies

Woman’s Day

Baked brie is all the rage right now. Make this a Halloween-approved party food with festive appeitizers like this? mummy brie. It’s sure to be a hit!

Halloween Bachelorette Party: Mummy Brie