5 Snowy Pictures to Inspire Your Winter Wedding

While it isn’t technically winter yet, plenty of towns are now seeing snow in the forecast. When you plan your wedding this late in the year, there’s always a chance that the outdoor spaces could end up a snowy winter wonderland.

If this happens to you, don’t fret. A snowy atmosphere can produce some beautiful photo opportunities for your wedding. Use these amazing shots to inspire your own matrimonial bliss.

Image copyright Grazier Photography

When the snow starts to fall, just smile, close your eyes and go in for the kiss.


Image copyright Josh Gruetzmacher Wedding Photography

It may be cold, but grin and bare it for a few chilly skin-baring snow pictures.


Imge copyright Rebekah J. Murray Photography

White streets and snow-encrusted trees create a beautiful background for your love.


Image courtesy of Tumblr and Kristina

If you really can’t handle the cold put on that coat–it’ll be a cute shot, too!


Image copyright Hoffer Photography

At the end of the night, don’t miss one last shot with the falling snow. Could anything be more romantic?