5 Summer Wedding Trends You’ll Love

While it may not officially be summer yet, you may have already started the planning for your summer wedding this year.

Image via Pretty Little Things

If you’re looking for some new ideas, check out these new and interesting summer wedding trends. They’ll be great inspiration as you plan for the big day!

  1. A barefoot bride. While barefoot weddings are common when you’re saying your vows on a sandy beach, the barefoot trend is now permeating through all outdoor summer weddings. Whether you’re in a sun-dappled forest or in the comfort of your own backyard, skip those uncomfortable wedding heels and go shoeless instead.
  2. Twinkle lights. If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding that has the potential to go on past sundown, light up the night with twinkle lights. String them around the borders of the reception area and wrap them around poles and trees. White twinkle lights will add a starry effect to the evening.
  3. Bite-size appetizers. When you really want your guests to mingle at the reception, go for bite-sized appetizers rather than plates of dinner food. When they can carry it around in their hand, they’re much more apt to travel along the dance floor.
  4. Casual dress codes. When it comes to hot weather, few people want to be decked out in stuffy suits and floor-length gowns. Ditch the formal dress code and ask your guests to instead come in “casually elegant” attire. Linen shirts and knee-length skirts are best for the summer heat.
  5. Sitting around the campfire. If you’re having a smaller summer wedding with a nighttime reception, consider having a campfire or bonfire. Choose a designated area off to the side of the reception so people can sit around the fire and bond together when the heat of the day is finally cooling off.

What trends will you incorporate into your summer wedding?