5 Tips for Your Summer Outdoor Wedding

Summer is the most popular season for weddings! Many bride’s-to-be love the idea of making their Summer wedding an outdoor wedding. However, there are certain variables that you should consider when planning an outdoor wedding that might be easily overlooked.

These tips will assist you in your planning process for your summer outdoor wedding:

1. Add pillows!

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If you are planning on using chairs for seating at your outdoor wedding then guests will most likely appreciate the added cushion. Especially since most outdoor chairs are pretty uncomfortable. Plus, you can choose colorful pillows or cushions which will add an extra decorative touch!

2. Parasols for All

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Hopefully it will be a gorgeous, sunny day on your Summer wedding day which means hot sun up above! By providing your guests with a light, lovely parasol they will be able to stay cool while you tie the knot!

3. Provide Heel Covers

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If your guests at your outdoor wedding are going to be walking through grass, dirt, or sand you can provide the ladies with these ingenious heel covers to insure that they protect their precious stilettos!

4. Hydration Station

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Be sure to have plenty of options of ice-cold beverages to keep your guests hydrated and happy!

5. Bug Off!

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Use cute cupcake wrappers to keep bugs out of your guests' beverages.

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Keep your outdoor wedding bug-free by providing insect repellents for guests, covering food and desert tables with a light netted canopy, and using cute cupcake wrappers as drink covers!