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outdoor wedding

Why not have your wedding close to home? Whether you want to save money on the bill for the location or your backyard just happens to be your favorite place in the world, you can easily turn a typical outdoor space into something worthy of even the most fancy and special wedding. Need some inspiration […]
Unless your outdoor wedding will end before the sun goes down, lighting will be a key aspect of your decorations. You’ll want lighting that brightens up the area enough so guests can see what they’re eating, but dim enough to add a romantic glow to the night. Sure, you could just get some tea lights […]

8 Rustic Wedding Favors

Whether you’re exchanging rings under the boughs of sycamore trees or dancing the night away surrounded by hay bales and pine cones, a rustic wedding and reception requires a certain aesthetic. As you plan out the decorations for your big day, don’t forget about the wedding favors. You can incorporate the theme so your rustic […]
Saying your vows surrounded by lush trees and the scent of fragrant flowers is the whole reason why you’d want your big day outdoors. A garden wedding is romantic, classy and easy to create with the right decor and details! A Floral Aisle For the ceremony, sprinkle flower petals down the aisle for a beautiful look.
Rustic weddings are great, but that theme is a little broad. If you want to take the rustic theme even further, why not go for a birch wedding theme? The white bark of a birch tree can add a woodsy-yet-elegant charm to the occasion. Not sure how to use it, though? Read on for some […]
Summer is the most popular season for weddings! Many bride’s-to-be love the idea of making their Summer wedding an outdoor wedding. However, there are certain variables that you should consider when planning an outdoor wedding that might be easily overlooked. These tips will assist you in your planning process for your summer outdoor wedding: 1. […]