Unique Lighting Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Unless your outdoor wedding will end before the sun goes down, lighting will be a key aspect of your decorations. You’ll want lighting that brightens up the area enough so guests can see what they’re eating, but dim enough to add a romantic glow to the night. Sure, you could just get some tea lights or tiki torches, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, light up the night with these fun and unique lighting ideas for an outdoor wedding.

1. Edison Bulbs

Bare light bulbs normally aren’t that pretty to look at. The exception is Edison bulbs, bare bulbs with low wattage that look especially cool. These trendy bulbs can hang over reception tables for an old-school vintage feel for your retro outdoor wedding.

Unique Lighting Ideas: Edison Bulbs


2. Lighthouse Lanterns

Typically, reception table lighting has consisted of either long tapered candlesticks or tea lights in plain candle holders. But you’re different. You want something unique and memorable that everyone will be clamoring to try at their own outdoor wedding. Instead of a plain candle holder, why not add tealights to these lighthouse lanterns. They are reminiscent of bird houses and work for both a classic outdoor wedding and a nautical-themed event.

Unique Outdoor Lighting: Lighthouse Lanterns

3. Outdoor Chandeliers

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t have the opulence that comes with a chandelier. Using battery operated lighting means you can hang this even deep in the forest without having to worry about messy power cables taking away from the ambiance.

Unique Outdoor Lighting: Chandelier


4. Dripping with Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights have made their way into most outdoor weddings these days. You can take them a step further by having them drip down from tree branches. This way, the lighting represents branches from a droopy willow tree. There are some serious photo ops among these lights.

Unique Outdoor Lighting: Twinkle Lights


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5. Hanging Mercury Lanterns

Nothing beats lights hanging from tree branches. You can add tea lights to these hanging mercury lanterns for romantic under-tree lighting. If you’re worried about them being a fire hazard, you can pick up battery powered tea lights instead. Find some that twinkle like a real flame and your guests will never know the difference.

Unique Outdoor Lighting: Hanging Lanterns

6. Under-Table Lighting

By adding lighting under your tables, your outdoor wedding will have a magical glow. This option is especially good if you’re having tall tables so guests can stand around and mingle or dance the night away.

Unique Outdoor Lighting: Under Table Lighting

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7. Creative Lawn Designs

Forget about boring rows of votive lights on your lawn. Instead, lay them out in fun designs like these swirls. It may take some time getting them all set up, but it’ll be worth it in the end. This is another occasion where battery powered tea lights would be best.

Unique Outdoor Lighting: Pattern Lights