Decorating the Reception for a Birch Wedding Theme

Rustic weddings are great, but that theme is a little broad. If you want to take the rustic theme even further, why not go for a birch wedding theme? The white bark of a birch tree can add a woodsy-yet-elegant charm to the occasion. Not sure how to use it, though? Read on for some ideas on how to use birch for your wedding reception.

Birch Wedding Theme: Placecards

Image via Kate Preftakes Photography

When guests enter the reception, you may want to have little notes for each couple. Stick them in slots on a birch tree limb. Instant rustic feeling!

Birch Wedding Theme: Birch Table Numbers

Image via Kate Preftakes Photography

Numbered tables are a must if you’re having assigned seating at the wedding reception. The table numbers are a great place to incorporate some birch.

Birch Wedding Theme: Birch Flowers

Image via Jill Thomas Photography

When it comes to centerpieces, it’s easy to mix birch with floral arrangements. Just wrap birch bark around the flower vases.

Birch Wedding Theme: Birch Candle Holders

Image via Etsy

Romantic lighting is another must for wedding reception tables. Just pick up some birch candle holders and you’re set.

Birch Wedding Theme: Birch Wedding Cake

Image via Kathleen Landwehrle Photography

You can even use the birch theme for your wedding cake! While you won’t be using the actual bark, a skilled cake decorator can make the icing look like a birch tree, just like the picture above!

Will you use birch for your wedding?