8 Rustic Wedding Favors

Whether you’re exchanging rings under the boughs of sycamore trees or dancing the night away surrounded by hay bales and pine cones, a rustic wedding and reception requires a certain aesthetic. As you plan out the decorations for your big day, don’t forget about the wedding favors. You can incorporate the theme so your rustic wedding favors look right at home. Plus, only beautiful and useful favors will do the trick.

1. Rustic Wood Picture Holders

Sure, you can use these tree trunk slices as place card holders, but they also double as photo holders! Make sure your guests know to take them home and use them to display their favorite photos. Maybe they’ll choose a shot from your wedding!

Rustic Wedding Favors: Photo Holder

2. Faux-Wood Heart Frames

Same goes for these lovely wood heart frames. Use them for rustic place card holders. If you aren’t having assigned seating, they’re still a nice find inside your guests’ wedding favor bags.

Rustic Wedding Favors: Wood Frame

3. Rustic Nautical Candle Holders

You’ll need some romantic lighting for your rustic wedding. During the reception, add a few of these rustic candle holders to each table. When the night draws to a close, guests can take them home. In addition to corded ribbon, they also feature anchors for a dual rustic and nautical wedding.

Rustic Wedding Favors: Candle Holder

4. Garden Seed Papers

Rustic weddings are all about loving nature. Give your eco-friendly guests something they can watch grow. These papers, personalized to your wedding, have hearts or flowers on them that are extra special: They have seeds that turn into actual plants! Guests just plant the entire sheet and water it like any other garden. You have the choice between herbs and wildflowers.

Rustic Wedding Favors: Seed Paper

5. Antler Bottle Openers

These bottle openers have two things going for them: The antlers fit the rustic theme and the white still makes them look chic and classic. It’s the best of both worlds! Plus, these will come in handy for guests both during the reception and after they take them home.

Rustic Wedding Favors: Antler Bottle Opener

6. Antler Bottle Stoppers

Bottle openers and bottle stoppers go hand-in-hand. You could give out the matching pair to guests or go exclusively for the stopper. Your wine-loving friends will be thanking you.

Rustic Wedding Favors: Antler Bottle Stopper

7. Rustic Favor Boxes

What if you have your own favors but you don’t have anything to put them in? These favor boxes, with a rustic wooden motif, can hold your homemade candies and other fun favors.

Rustic Wedding Favors: Favor Boxes

8. Burlap Favor Bags

Burlap fits right in at a rustic wedding. Fill burlap favor bags with treats or even little bottles of whiskey. Use your creativity to come up with a favor that matches your personality as a couple.

Rustic Wedding Favors: Burlap Bags