Tips for Throwing a Tropical Bachelorette Party

One of the most fun things for the maid of honor to plan is the bride's bachelorette party. Dream big with a tropical bachelorette party she'll love!

One of the most fun things for the maid of honor to plan is the bride’s bachelorette party. Dream big with a tropical bachelorette party with lots of sun, sand, pool time and fun with the bridesmaids. Here are some tips for throwing a tropical bachelorette party that she’ll remember forever!

Deciding on a Location

The first step in planning a tropical bachelorette party is choosing where to go! Some popular tropical locations are Miami, Key West, San Diego, Myrtle Beach and Cabo San Lucas. Whichever destination you choose, take into account the prices for hotels, airfare and drinks, and keep safety in mind, too! These are all very important aspects to think about when planning a trip for a group of people.

Most importantly – where does the bride want to go? Maybe she has a favorite city or wants to visit some place new. Have her come up with a short list of options and then do your research. But ultimately, let her choose where she wants celebrate her last days as a single lady.

Choosing a Guest List

Once you have the destination chosen and some of the details laid out, you can plan your guest list! Will you keep the bachelorette party intimate with just the bridesmaids? Or will you make the most of your girl’s trip with all of the bride’s friends? There are benefits to both, but inviting more girls means more people to split the costs with, which is always an advantage!

When the guest list is narrowed down, send out some tropical themed invitations with the details of the trip to each of the girls and make sure they RSVP so you know how many to plan for. Once the RSVPs come rolling in, you can start planning the fun festivities and how you’ll spend your days in the sun!

Fun Festivities for the Bride-to-Be

A bachelorette party can be as action packed or laid back as you choose. If you’re staying for just a few days, designate one day to be filled with different activities and one day for strictly relaxing – you’ll be happy you did!

Plan ahead and research some of the places you want to stop at while you’re there. Scope out the best parts of town for a day of sangria drinking and a night of dancing – start by finding a city guide online to help you find some of the locals’ favorite spots!

Whether you take a boat ride or lounge by the pool or on the beach all day, the bride-to-be is sure to have fun as long as she has all of her best friends by her side.

Extra Extras!

A tropical bachelorette party is even more fun where there are a few surprise extras! Go matchy-matchy with a fun custom tank top or hat for each of the girls, or have custom cups, bottle openers or other drink accessories made to make the trip a little more special.

You can go the extra mile by planning out some festive games and activities to do in your downtime or while you’re out and about – a bridal scavenger hunt is always a fun game to play with a big group, or a different take on bowling (with pineapples!) would be a great way to pass the time. Come prepared with a bachelorette party playlist that can be the soundtrack for your whole trip, and decorate the main living spaces with fresh florals, fruits and decor to help the bride-to-be celebrate her tropical bachelorette party.

A tropical bachelorette party with lots of fun plans is the perfect way to spend her last single days. As long as she’s surrounded by her best friends and is soaking up the sun, she’ll have the time of her life!

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