7 Spring Wedding Flowers for Seasonal Beauty

Thoughts of spring conjure up images of colorful, fragrant flowers and budding trees. There’s nothing like a crisp spring day with the heat of the sun warming your skin. If you’ve decided to have a spring wedding, you will likely want to incorporate those feelings and images as you plan for the big day.

Not only does using spring wedding flowers create a visual stunning way to celebrate, but it’s also cheaper. By sticking with seasonal bouquets and centerpieces, you’ll cut down on the costs, leaving room in your wedding budget. Need some inspiration for spring wedding flowers? Read on!

1. Tulips

Tulips are some of the first flowers to poke out from the ground when the thermometer starts inching up. For an early spring wedding, fill your bouquets and centerpieces with these large, cheerful flowers.

Spring Wedding Flowers: Tulips

theashworths / Flickr

2. Birds of Paradise

For unique wedding flowers, reach for birds of paradise. The tropical flowers come in bright shades and work well for a destination or beach-inspired wedding. They look especially snazzy as the groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

Spring Wedding Flowers: Birds of Paradise

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3. Dahlia

Dahlia blooms are round and compact. While you can decorate your wedding with white dahlia for a classic, traditional vibe, they come in many other colors as well. Stick them in etched glass vases and dot each table at the reception.

Spring Wedding Flowers: Dahlia

Ed Peers

4. Hyacinth

You can’t get much more romantic than hyacinth flowers. They come in clusters much like another spring favorite: Lilacs. Dot them among tulips like this classy bouquet or make them the star by featuring only hyacinth for your spring wedding flower arrangements.

Spring Wedding Flowers: Hyacinth


5. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are extra special. They only bloom for a short time, so if you can time your wedding to the blooming of these fragrant tree flowers, you’re fortunate. Because they’re tree flowers, you can use the branches as part of the wedding decorations. Stick them in tall vases or incorporate shorter stems into your bridal bouquet.

Spring Wedding Flowers: Cherry Blossoms

Dreamy Whites

6. Peonies

Coming in a variety of warm peach and pink shades, peonies make a romantic addition to wedding reception centerpieces. And as you can see here, they also create stunning and captivating bouquets. Stick a few blooms into these fun tea cup vases if you’re having a garden party or tea party themed wedding.

Spring Wedding Flowers: Peony

Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

7. Freesia

Freesia has a natural perfume-like fragrance that’s a favorite among flower-lovers. They come in a wide variety of colors, including orange, white, yellow and purple. Incorporate them into your bouquet or hang them from the trees in these floating flower bud vases.

Spring Wedding Flowers: Freesia

Debby Jewesson