5 Ways to Decorate a Tropical Chic Wedding

Whether you’re shipping out your whole clan to a destination or keeping your event local, you can always harness the warmth and vibrancy of a tropical chic wedding. Turn a drab reception hall or barren beach into a little oasis. Not convinced? We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to decorate for the tropical affair. Think flowers, palm trees and warm, sunny colors.

1. Choose Destination Colors

Sorry, but dark, rich colors aren’t welcome in the tropics. You want bright and sunny shades of coral, lime and teal. Any colors that mimic the sea waters or tropical fruits will do the trick. For instance, these ceramic cutout lanterns will shine with a bright orange reminiscent of the mangoes garnishing guests’ drinks.

Tropical Chic Wedding: Lanterns

Looking for color inspiration? Teal accents remind everyone of fun times on the water. Even just a few teal candles on each table are enough to tie everything together.

Tropical Chic Wedding: Teal

Four Seasons

2. Pull Out the Palm Fronds

Palms are aplenty in the tropics. Even if you’re having a tropical chic wedding in a less-than-tropical location, you can still pick up fake fronds at craft supply stores. Stick them in flower arrangements, line the aisle or use them as place mats.

Tropical Chic Wedding: Palm Fronds

Amber Gress

You could also use the palm frond motif in a photo booth backdrop.

Tropical Chic Wedding

3. Cover Everything in Flowers

When you think of tropical destinations, you’ll no doubt think of all the fragrant and vibrant flowers. Don’t skimp on the flower budget. In addition to the classics, peonies, tulips, orchids, proteas, anemones and calla lillies all have a home on the beach. The brighter, the better!

Tropical Chic Wedding: Flowers

Robert Norman Photography

4. Don’t Forget the Sandy Beach

You can’t think of a tropical vacation without the beach. Bring the beach into your wedding decor by using sand. You could fill small vases with sand and top them with votive candles, seashells or flowers. If you’re not too keen on the sand you find right on the beach, craft stores also sell cleaner versions. They even come in different colors.

Tropical Chic Wedding: Sand

Wedding Forward

5. Add Raffia and Wicker Accents

Sometimes all those tropical colors can be a bit much, especially if you don’t have neutral, earthy tones to break it up. Woven bits of wicker and raffia go well with tropical chic weddings, especially if they use the raw brown shades as opposed to white painted wicker. You could use wicker chairs, raffia place mats and more. And since tropical weddings can get rather hot, your guests will thank you for these raffia hand fans.

Tropical Chic Wedding: Fans