5 Ways to Incorporate Pearls into Your Wedding Decor

While you may want to strive for a posh wedding, that can seem out of reach when you consider the price. But a good way to make a wedding look expensive without a huge budget is to incorporate pearls into the wedding decor. You can use faux pearls to save a bit of money.

Thinking of having a pearl theme for your wedding? Then check out our 5 fun ideas for pearl wedding decor!

Pearl Wedding Decor: Pearl Chairs

Image via Love My Dress

Drape pearls along the backs of chairs at the reception. You could also use them to decorate the aisle during the ceremony.

Pearl Wedding Decor: Pearl Picture Frame

Image via Want That Wedding

Pick out pearl picture frames (or make some yourself) to mark the wedding reception tables.

Pearl Wedding Decor: Pearl Candle Holders

Image via Compliments of Kim

A quick and simple trick is to put a string of fake pearls at the bottom of a candle holder. Instant chic!

Pearl Wedding Decor: Pearl Candles

Image via SoireeSupply

If you’re going for bigger candles, you could always wrap them around the outside.

Pearl Wedding Decor: Pearl Chandelier

Image via Dollar Store Crafts

Go big or go home, right? If you want a big impact, provide posh lighting with pearl chandeliers.

What will you do with pearls?