Tips for Who to Include in Your Wedding Party

If you are planning your wedding and one of the biggest challenges you are facing is who to include in your wedding party then take a look at these helpful tips to make the decision a little easier!

1. Consider how big your wedding will be.

First and foremost, decide how big (or small) your wedding is going to be. That will give you a better start for determining how many bridesmaids or groomsmen you want to include. It makes it easier to have fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen if you are having a smaller wedding, however if you are inviting anyone and everyone you know you may want to have many bridesmaids and groomsmen to join you on your wedding day.

2. Brothers and Sisters are a Must.

Who better to join you in your joyous occasion than your brothers and sisters? Even if you are not particularly close to your brothers or sisters, or your soon-to-be brother or sister-in-law, you should definitely consider including them in your wedding party. It most likely means a lot to the rest of the family to have those family members included, and those relationships are some of the most special.

3. The Man of Honor and the Best Woman.

Even though traditionally a Bride chooses a Maid of Honor and a Groom chooses a Best Man, do not hesitate to consider choosing a Man of Honor and a Best Woman if you so desire. It may be the Bride wants the brother to be the Man of Honor, or the Groom has a longtime friend that he wants to be his Best Woman.

4. Don’t forget about additional roles.

Once you have chosen your bridesmaids and groomsmen consider the other roles that might be filled by some important people in your life that you want to include in your wedding. There are ushers, candlelighters, door openers, or program distributors. You can even invite your musically inclined friends or family to play a special musical piece before, during, or after your wedding. Be creative!