6 Pretty Ways to Incorporate Pumpkins into Your Wedding

Beautiful weather, spiced drinks, cascading leaves, and PUMPKINS! Using pumpkins during a fall wedding is a MUST. If you are tying the knot in a different time of year, but just have a pumpkin obsession – you’ve come to the right place. We will show you 6 pretty ways to incorporate pumpkins into your wedding. It will surprise you to see how creative you can get with this fruit. Pumpkins can add charm, warmth, and unique elements to wedding décor. Keep reading to capture some fantastic ideas!

1. Pumpkins & Fall Foliage

The cool fall breeze and fall foliage make the outdoors an ideal wedding backdrop. You can add pumpkins and greenery around flower centerpieces to add character and charm. White, orange, or jewel tones – you can spray paint pumpkins any shade to match your color scheme. Who wouldn’t love an invitation to this beautiful wedding pictured below!

Pumpkins & Fall Foliage


2. Details & Color

As we mentioned earlier, it will surprise if not shock you as to how creative you can get with pumpkins! This immaculate blue and white table setting is fixed with intricately painted pumpkins. They match the porcelain perfectly, and you’d never know they were pumpkins unless we told you. Adding pops of color and designs to pumpkins make them camouflage perfectly. Don’t these fit effortlessly with a formal reception dinner?

Details & Color


3. Boho-rustic

When you’re planning a boho-rustic wedding, you search for natural yet unique pieces to add into your wedding. So, pumpkins fit this description perfectly! They’re nature’s candy (some would argue vegetable) and incredibly unique décor pieces that your guests would not expect. Pairing them with antlers, tealights, cinnamon sticks, and plants is sheer brilliance and beauty.



4.Guest Book

Every bride and groom wants a few homey or creative pieces at their wedding. After all, that’s what makes a wedding stand out. Especially if you’re getting hitched in peak season. This pumpkin wedding guest book is creative, crafty, and sweet. Now with Pinterest and Etsy, everyone is looking for the next new idea to entice their guests. This one will do the TRICK!

Pumpkin Guest Book

A Coastal Bride

5. Pumpkin Bottle Opener

If you’re not a huge fan of pumpkins being the centerpiece at your wedding, there are subtler options. With this pumpkin bottle opener, you would still be incorporating pumpkins into your decor and guests would get to take a piece of your wedding home with them. It’s a win-win for sure!Pumpkin Bottle Opener


6.Gold Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Another pretty way to use pumpkins at your wedding is to utilize them as place card holders. These gold pumpkin place card holders can be used on the dinner tables to highlight each guest’s seat. Want to get more creative? Place them on a large framed wall and let the guests pick out their names associated with the seating chart. The goldtone of the pumpkins matches just about every color scheme, making them super versatile. Snag these little pumpkins while there’s still time!

Place Card Holder