What You Need For A Staycay With Your Ladies

Pop the bubbly, get under some cozy blankets, brew a cup of joe, and get those board games out! It’s time for a staycay with your ladies, and we are here for it. A staycay, especially with your girlfriends, is always a good time. Not only is a staycay budget-friendly, but it’s true quality time with your friends where you get to bond and talk the night away. You can tap into your culinary skills and do some cooking together. You can even tap into your creative side and do activities together. Keep reading for some great tips on what you’ll need for a fab staycay with your ladies!

Personalized Stemless Champagne Glass – Brunch

Popping champaign and making toasts with your girlfriends is a guaranteed fun time. This personalized stemless champagne glass is a great way to get the party started. You can add your girlfriends’ name or another custom message in a huge range of colors. The first toast sets the tone for the entire staycay, and with these gorgeous glasses, your party will get off to a great start. Isn’t there just a different feel when you drink your champagne out of a gorgeous glass?

Personalized Stemless Champagne Glass - Brunch

Llama USB Keychain

Do you have a habit of forgetting your charger every time you’re on out? No probllama! We have you covered.This llama USB keychain is not only the cutest thing ever, but it’s also the most functional thing ever. It has an Apple and Android connection so any girlfriend could charge her phone. Every girl will appreciate the functionality, cuteness, and size. If you are looking for a gift to spoil your girl squad with when you’re on your staycay, this is beyond perfect!

Llama USB Keychain

Classic Ceramic Phone Amplifier

Did you think we forgot about mentioning the one thing that happens at every single staycay ever? DANCE PARTY! We love a good dance party and some great tunes while getting dressed. Good music just puts everyone in a good mood, especially music that everyone can jam to at the same time. This phone amplifier is a chic music amplifier. All you have to do is put your phone in this cool geometric bowl and dance the night away!

Classic Ceramic Phone Amplifier

DIY 8 oz. Glass Mason Jar (Set of 12)

These DIY mason jars will help you bring any staycay activity to life. Plus, doing a group activity with everyone will create memories that are sure to last through the years. Whether you and your ladies are crafting candle holders, cocktails, or making a succulent terrarium, these jars will do the trick. Of course we won’t judge you if you use them for margaritas or spiked lemonade. Get your creative juices flowing with these jars.

DIY 8oz Glass Mason Jar

Love is Love 15 oz. Ceramic Travel Mug

Mornings are just not the same without a good cup of Joe. With this Love is Love travel mug, you could drink your coffee on your staycay or take it to go. Truly, you could enjoy any yummy beverage – tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or a pumpkin spice latte. You can gift one to your girl squad if you all usually do a gift exchange or simply if you have the budget to spoil them a bit. Either way, this travel mug is perfect for enjoying your special hot drink of choice!

Love is Love Ceramic Travel Mug