6 Ways to Incorporate Peonies Into Your Wedding

Did you know that peonies are one of the biggest flower trends of 2014? These beautiful blooms are usually a soft, pretty pink, though your florist can provide a wide range of other colors. What does that mean for you? You can tailor your peonies to nearly any wedding color scheme.

Image courtesy of Brides Magazine

Thinking of going for peonies? You can treat this flower as a total wedding theme. Flowers aren’t just for the bouquet anymore! Try these 6 ideas for incorporating peonies into your wedding day.

  1. Mix them into your bouquet. A full peony bouquet is nice for those who like a bold choice. If you want to be a bit more subtle (or ecclectic), mix the peonies with another flower, like hydrangeas.
  2. Put them in your bridesmaids’ hair. Sure, they could have their own bouquets, but why not do something different? Have the wedding hair stylist add a peony into each lady’s updo. Pretty!
  3. Use them in the boutonnieres. Just because the groomsmen are men doesn’t mean they wouldn’t look dapper with a purple peony in their lapels.
  4. Give them to the flower girl. Peonies are decked out with pretty petals. The flower girls can spread them around the aisle before you make your big appearance.
  5. Use them in the centerpieces. There are tons of ways to incorporate flowers into a wedding reception table centerpiece. Because peony blooms are so full, they’d do well floating in water inside a crystal bowl.
  6. Utilize them with the place cards. A peony bloom could hold up a small card at everyone’s place on the reception tables. Because there’s one at every place, your guests can bring them home as a party favor.

Will you be using peonies for your 2014 wedding?