6 Well Wishes Ideas for the Newlyweds

There’s a very real chance that there are people on your wedding or bridal shower guest lists that have years of experience with successful marriages. Maybe they’re the groom’s grandparents, married for sixty years. Or maybe, it’s a best friend that has five children and knows how to navigate the married life and parenthood.

Your friends and family have real-world marriage advice, so why not take the opportunity to learn something new? Set up a table at your wedding or shower for guests to give their well wishes and advice. Whenever you want a pick-me-up over the next months, years, or decades, take out these well wishes and read them together. It’s a great memento from the wedding that you can use for the rest of your lives. But how do you collect this advice? We’ve got you covered.

1. A Traditional Guestbook

If you want a classic way to compile advice from guests, go with the traditional guestbook. This way, guests can simply write their name or, if they’re feeling wise, leave a bit of their wisdom on the page. Try this leather guest book you can get personalized with your initials.

Guestbook | 6 Well Wishes Ideas for the Newlyweds | My Wedding Favors

2. Wedding Wishes Picture Frame

What about advice and well wishes that you can hang on your wall? Set up this picture frame at the guestbook table or gift table and have guests write a message on the white photo mat. Bonus: You get to put your favorite wedding photo in the middle!

Wedding Signature Picture Frame | 6 Well Wishes Ideas for the Newlyweds

3. Advice and Wishes Cards

Throw a handful of these heart-shaped advice cards on every table at the wedding reception. Guests can fill them out throughout the night and even compare them with each other to come up with the most creative and useful advice.

Advice Cards | 6 Well Wishes Ideas for the Newlyweds

4. A Jar of Wishes

Need a place for guests to put their well wishes in? This jar is the perfect place to collect them during the wedding reception and store them for years afterward. It says “Wishes” across the front in pretty gold script. It even comes with 50 blank heart-shaped cards to get you started. Here are an additional 50 blank heart-shaped cards.

Wish Jar | 6 Well Wishes Ideas for the Newlyweds

5. Wildflower Seed Advice Cards

These advice cards have a little something special. In addition to being a place for guests to give their sage advice, the paper is also filled with wildflower seeds. After you’ve read through the advice, plant them in your garden and watch them sprout.

Seed Paper | 6 Well Wishes Ideas for the Newlyweds

6. Wooden Well Wishes Cards and Keepsake Box

Keeping all these of well wishes can seem a little daunting. This keepsake box will do the trick. You could fill it with the advice cards listed above, or get matching wooden cards like these fancier wood guest cards. Have guests fill out a wooden card piece, store them in a keepsake box like this one, and reread them on your first anniversary together.

Wooden Keepsake Box | 6 Well Wishes Ideas for the Newlyweds