6 Wine Wedding Favors for Your Vineyard Wedding

A vineyard wedding is the perfect theme for a wine-loving couple. If you’ve bonded over glasses of cabernet sauvignon, then a vineyard wedding is right for you. And, in keeping with the theme, you can give wine inspired wedding favors to your guests. Whether they’re wine glasses, stoppers or corkscrews, your guests will love to take them home.

1. Personalized Wine Glasses

The wine will be flowing at your vineyard wedding, so why not have? personalized wine glasses to commemorate the occasion? Your initials and the date will add a custom touch.

Wine Wedding Favors: Wine Glasses

2. Bottles of Wine

You can also customize wine bottles. Personalized wine bottle labels will make the occasion extra special. Add wine bottles to welcome bags or place them on dinner tables for a personalized detail.

Wine Wedding Favors: Wine Bottle Labels

3. Mini Bottles of Wine

Full bottles of wine may not be in the budget as favors for each guest, so give out personalized mini wine bottles instead. Custom labels will include your names and wedding date.

Wine Wedding Favors: Mini Wine Bottles

4. Copper Bottle Stoppers

Give these cute copper wine bottle stoppers to wine-loving guests.

Wine Wedding Favors: Copper Bottle Stopper

5. Silver Stopper and Corkscrew Set

A bottle stopper isn’t enough? Give guests a stopper and corkscrew set instead. Now they have all their wine bottle needs met.

Wine Wedding Favors: Stopper And Corkscrew Set

6. Wine Wedding Favor Bags

Don’t forget to give them a wine bag that they can use to take home all of these goodies in!

Wine Wedding Favors: Favor Bags