A Victorian Inspired Bridal Shower

For a bride-to-be that loves a vintage twist, a Victorian inspired bridal shower is a theme that she is sure to adore.

Choosing a Venue

When deciding on a venue for a Victorian inspired shower, look for a location that is timeless or would fit with the time period. A gorgeous garden is a great place to host a Victorian shower, or find a venue built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Can’t find a venue with the character you want? Don’t worry – you can add in the details with decor.

Designing the Day

Once you have your venue secured, you can begin to decide how to decorate. Include details like silver-plated trays, chargers and vases, lace and pastel flowers in peach and pink hues. Have guests sip their refreshments out of vintage glasses or teacups, use antique furniture for your gift table, and mini antiqued frames to mark your dessert display. All of these special touches will make guests feel as if they have traveled back in time.

Gifts for the Guests

Don’t let guests leave this Victorian bridal shower empty-handed! Gorgeous white filigree favor boxes are perfect for filling with sweets like macarons or mini cookies decorated with cameos! It’s the perfect way for guests to take a bit of the Victorian shower home with them.


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