7 Beautiful and Unique Cake Toppers You’ll Love

The cake design isn’t just about the way the icing flowers or fondant are artfully arranged. It’s also about the cake topper! You want your cake topper to go perfectly with the theme and feel of the wedding. For instance, a country chic wedding would have a different topper than a garden wedding. Whatever your theme, you will love these beautiful and unique cake toppers.

1. Love Lace Cake Topper

With the romantic script and geometric lace border, this cake topper is perfect for a garden wedding.

Unique Cake Toppers: Love

2. Just Married Wood Cake Topper

This forest-themed “Just Married” cake topper has a wood veneer that makes it a must for a rustic, outdoor wedding.

Unique Cake Toppers: Wood

3. Nautical Anchor Cake Topper

Having a nautical themed wedding? This anchor cake topper can be personalized to have both of your initials. You can also choose the color to better match your wedding’s signature shade.

Unique Cake Toppers: Anchor

4. Under the Stars Cake Topper

This cake topper features a moon and stars. It would look beautiful for a nighttime wedding or an under-the-stars themed event.

Unique Cake Toppers: Under the Stars

5. Hay Bale Cake Topper

Barn weddings, Western weddings, country chic weddings… whichever is right for you, this hay bale cake topper makes an adorable addition to the wedding decor.

Unique Cake Toppers: Hay Bale

6. Same Sex Cake Topper

Don’t worry, there are cake toppers for same sex couples, too! You could get a chic acrylic Mrs. and Mrs. or Mr. and Mr. cake topper for your special day.

Unique Cake Toppers: Same Sex

7. Cupcake Topper Set

Cupcakes are a trendy and fun alternative to a traditional wedding cake. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cake topper! These Mr. and Mrs. toppers can stick out from their own individual cupcakes.

Unique Cake Toppers: Cupcake Toppers