7 Reasons to Let Bridesmaids Choose Their Dresses

It’s become a cliche for brides to clad their bridesmaids in the epitome of a hideous dress. Ruffles, shoulder pads and gag-inducing colors were never too much when it came to the big day. (We’ve all seen Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses!)

After all, the bride should be the one to shine, right?

Bridesmaids are screaming out a collective “No!” Can you hear it? While a wedding is certainly the bride’s big day, that doesn’t mean the bridesmaids have to precede her down the aisle looking like a gang of carnival folk.

If you’re getting married and you’re leaning toward going the “ugly dress” route, think about the reasons why that may be a bad idea.

Image courtesy of Wedding Wire and Look Photography

7 Reasons to Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

  1. You don’t trust your own opinion. Maybe you aren’t super fashionable. Leave the picking up to those who know their empire waist from their lace trim.
  2. You want magazine-worthy wedding photos. An ugly dress can ruin any picture.
  3. You want to be one of those cool brides. You know the ones. They’re relaxed, at ease and so chic. A bride like that would never let her friends dress in ugly gowns.
  4. You laugh in the face of tradition. Just like bad food and baby’s breath, ugly bridesmaid dresses are a tradition best left in the twentieth century.
  5. You don’t want to be a bridezilla. Stop the reign of terror before it starts.
  6. You want to keep your friends. Good friends are hard to find, after all.
  7. You don’t want it to happen to you. One of these girls is going to put you in her wedding. Don’t you forget it.

Although you should definitely have the final say, a happy bridesmaid means a happy wedding.