Show-Stopping Skin For Short Dresses

We’ve already told you our love of short wedding dresses. They’re fun, fresh and sweetly flirty. But if you’re feeling like your skin is anything but wedding-ready, relax. We’ve got you covered. Just remember to smooth, shave and self-tan for sexy stems.

Step 1: Exfoliation

Sloughing off dead cells that sit on the surface is the secret to smoother, softer skin. By exfoliating before you shave, you allow the razor to get even closer to the hair’s root so it doesn’t have to cut through dull skin. When using at-home tanner, even skin is necessary for a uniform application (bumpy or rough patches can trap the color and create overly concentrated spots). Scrub up in the shower to smooth down allover.


Step 2: Shaving

Good old-fashioned shaving is still the go-to method for most of us. To prevent nicks, cuts and dryness, look for razors that have moisturizing strips or bars surrounding the blades. The Venus and Olay Razor has moisture bars to keep skin hydrated as you swipe away stubble.

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Step 3: Self-Tanner

With so many advancements in at-home tanners, there’s no excuse to lay out in the sun for the perfect tan. Aerosol versions with a wide spray nozzle can help evenly spread color on hard-to-reach areas like your back, legs and shoulders.

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