7 Tea Party Bridal Shower Favors

An intimate gathering surrounded by a fragrant garden? Sounds like the perfect place for a tea party bridal shower. Whether you’re out in the garden soaking up the sunshine or inside a quaint old inn, the tea party theme will fit right in. As you gather up charmingly mismatched tea cups and colorful tea pots, you should also be thinking about the favors. Tea party bridal shower favors tie in the theme while also being useful for guests. If you choose wisely, they’ll be more than happy to take them home.

Need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Let the tea party begin!

1. Whimsical Frames

Having assigned seating for your tea party bridal shower? You can mark each guest’s place with these cute aqua and gold frames. Then, when the party is winding down, let the ladies know they can take them home. The circle frames hold pictures with a 2.25-inch diameter.

Tea Party Bridal Shower: Frames

2. Tea Time Vases

Another double-duty party favor are these tea time vases. During the bridal shower, have these as part of your floral centerpieces. The stacked teapot and tea cups design has an Alice in Wonderland feeling to it which adds a bit of whimsy to the event. At the end, let your guests take these home.

Tea Party Bridal Shower: Tea Cup Vases

3. Teacup Bottle Opener

Even if your beverage of choice is tea for your bridal shower, your guests may prefer something bottled. How about giving them one of these teacup bottle openers to take home? They feature a hefty antique gold finish and quaint tea cup design. Few bottle openers look this nice.

Tea Party Bridal Shower: Bottle Openers

4. Teapot Whisk

Have friends that love baking? Give out these teapot whisks. The handle features a cute little teapot. The whisk is just over five inches high so it makes the perfect stirring tool for mixing honey into tea or frothing up some hot cocoa.

Tea Party Bridal Shower: Whisk

5. Ceramic Teacup Measuring Spoons

A gift bag of baking items could feature, in addition to that adorable whisk, some useful teacup measuring spoons. The set features white ceramic teacups with gold accents and black lettering. They nest well so they won’t take up too much space in your guests’ kitchens.

Tea Party Bridal Shower: Measuring Spoons

6. Mini Bottles of Wine

Of course, tea is the beverage of choice for a tea party, but you may also want to incorporate some alcohol. After all, this is a celebration! Hand out mini bottles of wine or champagne. Guests can drink them at the event or take them home. Make them special with these personalized bottle labels.

Tea Party Bridal Shower: Mini Wine Bottles

7. Homemade Treats in Teapot Favor Boxes

Have your own ideas for party favors? Maybe you’re making some gourmet popcorn or sea salt caramels. In that case, pack up your DIY favors in these cute teapot-shaped favor boxes. That way, they still fit perfectly with the tea party bridal shower theme.

Tea Party Bridal Shower: Favor Boxes