8 Decor Ideas for a Rose Gold Wedding

Having trouble picking out your wedding’s signature color? While rose gold is super trendy right now, it’s for good reason. The metallic color pairs a romantic shade of pink with the decadence of gold. Want to rock this shade on your big day? You don’t have to worry about decor because we’ve selected some of the most beautiful decoration ideas for a rose gold wedding.

1. Rose Gold Frames

Need a fancy way to let guests know where the gift table is or to display table numbers? Perhaps you want to line the walls with pictures of the bride and groom throughout their courtship. Pick up rose gold frames of all sizes. You could even DIY the frames with rose gold spray paint.

Rose Gold Wedding: Frames

WiredbyWildwood / Etsy

2. Rose Gold Garlands

Mix pink, gold and sequined fabrics together in strips to create rose gold garlands. Line the wall behind the dessert table or use it as a backdrop for a wedding reception photo booth.

Rose Gold Wedding: Garland

ChangesbyNeci / Etsy

3. Rose Gold Mason Jar Vases

Mason jars can be used in so many ways, whether as votive candle-holders, trendy beverage glassware or, in this case, vases. Paint jars with rose gold paint and fill them with fragrant seasonal flowers for your reception table centerpieces.

Rose Gold Wedding: Vases

BeachBlues / Etsy

4. Rose Gold Toasting Flutes

Get ready for lots of clinking glasses as you eat your hand-picked dinner. Everyone loves to toast to the couple. Get these rose gold toasting flutes so you have something special to toast with.

Rose Gold Wedding: Toasting Flutes

5. Rose Gold Chair Sashes

Pick up some sparkly rose gold fabric and wrap it around the bride and groom’s chairs to set them apart from the rest.

Rose Gold Wedding: Chair Sash

Al Gawlik Photography

6. Rose Gold Glitter Tablecloths

If you have any fabric leftover, you can use it as tablecloths. Dress up your dessert table or gift tables to make them stand out. Since this kind of fabric is hard to come by, you can always mix it with plain white tablecloths or even create your own sparkly rose gold table runners.

Rose Gold Wedding: Tablecloth

Melani Lust Photography

7. Rose Gold Wedding Cake

Of course, you can always use the rose gold theme for your wedding cake. Just show your cake decorator your inspiration and they’ll create something special for your big day.

Rose Gold Wedding: Wedding Cake

Cakes Alouisa

8. Rose Gold Cake Serving Set

You can even incorporate the rose gold theme into your cake serving set. Use these as you feed each other a piece.

Rose Gold Wedding: Cake Serving Set