8 Great Gifts for Your “I Do” Crew

Bridesmaids are the foundation that keep a bride up for her special day. The years of friendship a bride and her bridesmaid share are not like any other. But especially during a friend’s wedding, they’re the backbone through it all. They plan her bachelorette party, make sure her bridal shower is a success, ensure her wedding day is as perfect as it can be, and encourage her not to worry. To really affirm how much you appreciate your besties, picking out thoughtful yet fun gifts for your “I Do” crew is a great way to show your true friends how much you love them as well as appreciate them.

Bride Squad Printed 16 oz. Acrylic Tumbler

First up are these sweet insulated tumblers that come with straws. They’re great for those relaxing moments by the pool with all your girls or on the fly as you try on dresses at different stores. To add an extra touch, leave a personalized note in each tumbler for all of your special ladies.Bride Squad Tumbler | 8 Great Gifts for Your “I Do” Crew | My Wedding Favors


Gold Foil Bridesmaid Canvas Makeup Bag

These canvas make up bags are crucial to surviving all the wedding festivities. With the amount of makeup, brushes, creams, primers, foundations, lipsticks, and eye shadows, you’re going to need reliable bags that will keep you and your ladies organized. These bags come in handy for holding your hair accessories and phone charging cables too!

Bridesmaid Canvas Makeup Bag | 8 Great Gifts for Your “I Do” Crew | My Wedding Favors


Pink Bridal Party Proposal Wine Bottle Label (Set of 6)

Want an excuse for a wine night with your favorite gals? Ask them to be your bridesmaids in a unique way like with this wine label! Once they’ve accepted, pop open the bottles and celebrate! Toast to them for accompanying you on this beautiful journey.

Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Label | 8 Great Gifts for Your “I Do” Crew | My Wedding Favors

The I Do Crew Gift Set

Treat your “I Do” crew to a gift that’s gorgeous and useful. After your ladies have worked all day setting up the engagement party, this gift set will come in handy, helping them to relax and enjoy the celebration. The set comes with the ponytail holders that never pull or give headaches, a coozie that actual hugs your can, a shot glass that’s prettier than any other glass you will own, and a sweet bag perfect for holding your jewelry.

I Do Crew Gift Set | 8 Great Gifts for Your “I Do” Crew | My Wedding Favors

Floral Wedding Survival Kit

These wedding survival kits are necessary for every woman that’s a part of the bridal party including your grandmother, your great aunt Martha, and your new mother in law. You never know when a zipper decides to get stuck or a button falls off, or a hem comes loose. But with these helpful kits, not only do you prevent a disaster, but you show that you are thinking of them even on your special day. That matters and that kind of kindness lasts forever.

Floral Wedding Survival Kit | 8 Great Gifts for Your “I Do” Crew | My Wedding Favors

Pink and Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit

These bridesmaids proposal boxes put the question in the bridesmaids’ hands. Make each friend, sister, or friends that have become sisters feel how loved they are with these beautifully crafted bridesmaids boxes. Each gift is thoughtful as well as useful and can be cherished long after your big day has passed to remind them of all the special moments shared.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit | 8 Great Gifts for Your I Do Crew | My Wedding Favors

Personalized Turkish Throw Blanket (Available In Variety of Colors)

These Turkish towels are so soft and luxurious. They will make each bridesmaid feel truly special and appreciated. They can be used as soft blankets on the couch or on the beach to cover your chair. No matter the season, there’s a purpose for these beautiful crafted Turkish towel. You may need to get a couple (or every color) for yourself too.

Turkish Throw Blanket | 8 Great Gifts for Your I Do Crew | My Wedding Favors

Elegant Lace Kimono Robe

Spoil your ladies with these elegant lace robes. They stand apart with their lace detail and come in pink and this shade of blue. The satin is light and breathable which is exactly what you want on the big day when all of that hard work finally comes down to this one big moment. It’s enough to put every antiperspirant to the ultimate test. These robes take the decision making out of the getting ready process. It’s a great gift that your bridesmaids can use throughout your wedding events and at home.

Lace Kimono Robe | 8 Great Gifts for Your I Do Crew | My Wedding Favors

Even though the wedding is about the marriage it’s built on long-lasting friendships that we make along the way or that were there from the very beginning. Don’t forget to show your ladies a little extra love all wedding season long.