A Tulum Inspired Bachelorette Party Ideas

There’s nothing more relaxing, extravagant, or downright epic than a tropical vacation. As you plan your celebration for your upcoming wedding, a tropical bachelorette party will give the event some much-needed luxury. If you’re looking for some real-life inspiration, check out Tulum in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. With white sand beaches, turquoise waters, lush greenery, and gorgeous Mayan ruins, this is the place to be. Even if you’d rather stay at home and plan your party there, a Tulum inspired bachelorette party will have everything you need to feel like you’ve spent the day out on the sand.

A Tropical Color Scheme

The colors for your Tulum inspired bachelorette party should come straight from the sights in and around this Mexican coastal area. Turquoise matches the beautiful waters lapping at the sandy beaches. Bordering the sand is the lush greenery of an epic rain forest. Pick accent colors such as dark green to match the tropical leaves scattering the area.

For a touch of lush elegance, go for shades in peachy coral to match tropical flowers and posh gold to evoke the sunset. Use these colors when decorating the bachelorette party, including balloons, table decorations, and party favors in this color palette.

Embracing Nature

The best part of a tropical bachelorette party is the actual tropics you see outside your hotel room window. Don’t forget to use that nature in the decor of your party. For instance, topical leaves make for great decoration pieces. String them up into garlands to hang on the walls. Or, use them as decorative placemats for any island-themed meals. Luckily, tropical leaf art is easy to find, so get this print on drink cups, t-shirts, wall art, and more. The sky’s the limit!

Gifts for the Girls

Speaking of drink cups and t-shirts, be sure to pick up some great gifts for the girls who will be spending the night or weekend celebrating you. Think about the party from start to finish. Acrylic drink cups are perfect for the cold drinks you’ll want to sip on the sand, and they won’t break like glass. Personalize it with the ladies’ names to make it extra special.

If you’re having this event in Tulum, a true destination bachelorette party, get your girls a canvas bag they can use to tote around their beach items. Fill it with party gear, like drink coozies and hair ties, and your girls will love you forever.

Tulum Inspired Bachelorette Party Collage | A Tulum Inspired Bachelorette Party Ideas | My Wedding Favors

Tulum Inspired Bachelorette Party Color Palette | A Tulum Inspired Bachelorette Party Ideas | My Wedding Favors

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