Picking a wedding date is one of the very first things you do when you get engaged. Most people pick a summer wedding,especially in June, but that isn’t the only season that’s great for a wedding. If you’re on the fence, these are a few reasons to choose a winter wedding!

Winter Wedding

satura86 / iStockPhoto

You Won’t Have to Compete As Hard With Other Brides

Winter is the off-season for the bridal industry. You won’t have to worry about huge waiting lists for wedding dress appointments or have to go with the fifth-best DJ in town. You’re way more liable to have your dream wedding in the winter.

It’s Cheaper

Another plus for the off-season is that venues, caterers, and other wedding services will be cheaper. This way you can save more money for your honeymoon, new house, or upcoming baby.

Your Pictures Will Be Magical

Winter wedding pictures are some of the most beautiful around. The fresh white snow looks great with your wedding dress, and you can use the cold weather as an excuse to cuddle up to your groom.

It’s Easier For Guests to Commit

Everyone’s busy in the summer. Every weekend, people are spending it out on the lake or up at the cabin. But in the winter? They don’t have nearly as many excuses.

Winter Feels More Romantic

Maybe it’s the crackling fireplaces or the furry scarves, but there’s something incredibly romantic about this season. Maybe that’s why Valentine’s Day finds its home in the height of winter.

The Holidays are Magical

Weddings are magical all on their own, but you could always amp up that magic factor by having your wedding during the holiday season. It’ll also help make it easier to pick out reception decorations.

Your Wedding Will Be Unique

Everyone has their wedding in the summer. But you’re not like everyone else, are you? A winter wedding is for you.

Your Honeymoon Will Feel Even More Special

You want a tropical honeymoon, but that doesn’t feel as amazing when you’re already in the sweltering heat of summer. In winter, you’ll appreciate that sandy beach even more.

Have you decided to have your wedding in the winter?