8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Fall Wedding

You’ve decided on a fall wedding, and now it’s time to decorate it with lush seasonal items. As you get closer to the big day, you’ll want to think about how you can incorporate details like a unity candle, place cards, reception table decorations and party favors into your fall theme. When done right, each item will work perfectly with your rustic fall wedding.

1. Autumn Unity Candles

Lighting unity candles symbolizes the joining together of your two families. Keep the candles white while still incorporating autumn leaves.

Fall Wedding: Autumn Unity Candles


2. Birch Place Card Holders

As guests enter the wedding reception, they can find their names and seating assignment placed in adorably rustic birch place card holders.

Fall Wedding: Birch Place Card Holders


3. Table Decor

Covering dinner tables or the buffet table with autumn leaves is a great way to bring the beauty of fall indoors. Real leaves may not be the best choice for tables that will have food. A fake option works best–and personalized fall leaves are a special touch.

Fall Wedding: Fall Leaves

4. Cork Leaf Coasters

Another to incorporate leaves into your decor is with leaf shaped coasters. The raw cork goes well with a rustic wedding theme.

Fall Wedding: Cork Leaf Coasters

5. Acorn Salt and Pepper Shakers

Place a set of these acorn salt and pepper shakers at each table. The gold dipped shell adds a nice pop of glam to a rustic theme.

Fall Wedding: Acorn Salt and Pepper Shakers

6. Personalized Fall Wine Bottle Labels

Even your wine can have a fall theme. Personalized wine bottle labels add a custom touch to your wedding and are easy to apply.

Fall Wedding: Wine Bottle Labels

7. Burlap Wedding Favor Bags

You’re going to need something to hold the favors you give your wedding guests, so choose something special! Heart printed burlap favor bags go well with a rustic fall wedding theme.

Fall Wedding: Burlap Favor Bags

8. Personalized Honey Jars

What do you put in those wedding favor bags? Add a personalized jar of clover honey and a mix for biscuits or scones for guests to enjoy later.

Fall Wedding: Clover Honey


How will you decorate your fall wedding?