9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide on a Fall Wedding

One of the very first questions you hear when you announce your engagement: “When’s the big day?!” The answer to that question isn’t as easy as some people might think. Sure, summer is the busiest wedding season, but is it right for you?

Fall Wedding

Milan Stojanovic

A fall wedding is full of beautiful foliage, cooler weather and rich colors. Ask yourself these following questions to see if should should have your wedding in the autumn. If you answer yes to most or all of these, then fall is your wedding season of choice!

1. Do I wilt in the heat?

Not everyone likes the heat and humidity at the heart of summer. If chillier weather is your jam, then a fall wedding is a must. A? pashmina shawl favor will ensure bridesmaids and guests stay warm if your wedding is outside.

2. Do I prefer dresses with sleeves?

Though sleeveless wedding dresses are most common, they aren’t for everyone. If you’d prefer to keep your arms or shoulders covered, these dresses work best for fall and winter weddings.

3. Do I live in an area with beautiful fall foliage?

Some states, like California or Texas, don’t look any different once autumn rolls around. But areas like New England and the Pacific Northwest boast some of the most stunning fall foliage around. If you time your wedding for the fall colors, you’ve got something special.

4. Are my desired wedding colors perfect for fall?

Have your heart set on sky blue and pale yellow for your wedding colors? Then you’d be better suited for a spring or summer wedding. Then again, if your heart skips a beat for earth or jewel tones, like pumpkin, rust, sage or bronze, then go for a fall wedding.

5. Does autumn have special meaning for our relationship?

Perhaps you met right as the leaves were falling from the trees, or maybe that’s when he proposed. If the season means something to the both of you, then go for it.

6. Are wedding photographs a big deal to us?

Not everyone cares all that much about wedding photographs. Do you? If so, autumn is arguably one of the most stunning seasons for wedding pictures. With the fall foliage and rich colors, they’ll look like something out of a bridal magazine.

7. Do I love fall flowers?

Wedding flowers change with the season. For fall weddings, it’s all about celosia, dahlia and alstroemeria, to name a few. Fall themed rustic wedding décor provides the perfect backdrop for these gorgeous blooms!

8. Do I like rustic outdoor weddings?

Sure, you can have a fall wedding indoors, but should you? Autumn weddings lend themselves well for an outdoor, rustic theme. Incorporating seasonal elements, like autumn leaves into your fall wedding favors and wood details into the wedding decor will make the affair look enchanting.

9. Do I want to skip the busy season?

As we mentioned, summer weddings are the busiest–especially in June and July. During that time, it’s harder to book your ideal venues or vendors and the prices are at their peak. By choosing a fall wedding, you’re more likely to have a your choice of venue and may even score a deal with vendors!