A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Entertaining

If you’re a chocolate lover who loves to entertain, there’s no reason not to throw a chocolate tasting party for your guests. Today we’re sharing a chocolate lover’s guide to entertaining, complete with all the things you’ll need to host a decadent chocolate tasting.

Step One: Choosing Your Chocolates

Hosting a tasting for chocolate lovers is similar to holding a wine tasting, so follow the same sort of rules you would for choosing wines.

Start with a theme – what kind of chocolates will you taste? Some will go with all dark chocolate, some will choose all truffles, some will do fruits or other small bites dipped in dark chocolate so they can see how chocolate mixes with different foods. Choose the theme you’re going to go with and plan the rest of your tasting around that theme!

You can come up with judging cards for your chocolate tasting and let guests taste them with other bites of food, different beverages and different percentages of cacao to see how they rank against each other.

Doesn’t this sound fun already?!

Step Two: Drinks to Pair with Your Tasting

It goes without saying that when you’re going to be tasting different foods, you’re going to need drinks to go with. With a tasting for chocolate lovers, there are a few different drink routes you can go.

One option for beverages would be to pair each chocolate with a different wine. Guests could sip wine from customized wine glasses and could take notes on how each chocolate tastes with the wine pairing. Then guests could enjoy a glass of their favorite wine once the tasting is done.

Another drink option would be to do a coffee and espresso bar! Let guests customize their own coffee drinks with different syrups, mixers and toppings. Label each bottle with cute stickers and signs and guests can build their own drinks to sip on while they taste chocolate.

Step Three: Keep Extras On Hand

Make sure you keep extra chocolates on hand! Your guests may be trying some new things, and they may find a new favorite chocolate type! Keep extra chocolate bars on hand so they can take a bite or two with them when they go.

And same with wine! Once your tasting is complete, guests can enjoy a glass of their new (or old) favorite wine. Keep a few extra bottles on hand for when that happens too!

When you’re entertaining chocolate lovers, you’re in good company – who can be angry when they’re enjoying rich, decadent chocolate?
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