A Retro ’70s Boho Bridal Shower

It’s time to start planning a groovy, bohemian-inspired bridal shower for the bride-to-be! From bold colored florals to an array of textured décor, a ’70s retro boho theme is sure to give off happy vibes and nostalgic feels. The signature part of this theme is that the bride, as well as her guests, can dress the part as well. Whether you want to sport your bell bottoms and flower crown or your hippie midi dress, there’s plenty of fun clothing options for all. This all-encompassing theme that can be used in every aspect of the shower. We’re talking bright florals, vintage-inspired decor, fruit decor, and natural elements. Keep reading to get some major inspiration.

Bold and Bright Blooms

When planning for a ’70s boho bridal shower, think bright, bold colors. Opt for hot pink, orange, yellow, and red blooms. The tangerine, turquoise, and magenta color palette in this tablescape is the perfect contrast against the greenery of the outdoors and complements the floral arrangements nicely. The dark wooden tables accent the lighter caged-style wooden chairs, providing a calming backdrop for the bright flowers and the multi-textured candle holders. The aqua and orange glass cups add another dimension of texture and color to this retro boho display. You can also to spruce up this theme is by using different types of greenery, from green garlands to large green decorate branches.

Bold & Bright Blooms

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Vintage Decor

Tealights are a great accent piece on any table. This tea light holder screams vintage with its unique imprinted design, and it can be used for multiple purposes. You can fill the holder with a candle to set a soothing atmosphere, or you can put in bright flower petals to add more pops of color. Along with using them for décor, they can also be used as a party favor for your guests to have as a keepsake.

“Vintage” Blue Glass Tea Light Holder (Set of 4)

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Party & Photos in Retro Camper

When you think of retro and boho, you think of having fun and feeling free. If you want to give your bestie a memorable bridal shower, we can guarantee that this retro camper will do the trick! You are sure to be deemed the best party planner and bridesmaid ever. The party guests can use this camper as a photo booth or even for keeping the food indoors. You can have your guests camp out in your backyard or meet you at a remote location.

Party & Photos in Retro Camper


Setting the Mood

When guests walk into your bridal shower, set the tone for your afternoon with a cheerful welcome poster. Your guests will be intrigued by the event theme, craving yummy citrus fruits once they see it. After they walk past the entrance sign, surprise them with a citrus cocktail to help set the mood and get them excited for your shower. You can tape it, frame it, or use an easel to display it on your credenza or fireplace.

Personalized Cheery & Chic Poster

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Funky Florals and Punchy Citrus

Who would have thought that fruit could be used as decoration as well? The funky florals complement the oranges, tangerines, and other citrus fruits on the table. They make the table look fresh and playful. Plus, if your bridal party is still hungry, they can snack on them. Another creative take on using fruits as décor is that they can be used as place cards if you write your guests’ names on them. The ’70s was a decade marked by color and florals, so this table suits any retro ’70s boho themed bridal shower perfectly.

Funky Florals & Punchy Citrus

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Colorful Bridal Shower Gifts

Every girl loves a cosmetic bag, and this jute cosmetic bag is the perfect thank you gift for all your bridesmaids and those that helped plan your shower. It can be personalized by color and embroidery. The pop of color and tassel zipper is a friendly reminder of carrying on the bold boho theme, even in the thank you gifts. Your bridesmaids will be able to show off what their favorite bride-to-be gave them in all their future travels!

Color Pop Jute Cosmetic Bag

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