Decorating for an Ultra Floral Wedding

Traditionally, you might order a bouquet for the bride, some flowers for the bridesmaids, flower petals for the flower girl, and a few fresh bouquets for each table at the wedding reception. But, what if you want an extra dose of flowers to glamour up your wedding festivities? Have an ultra floral wedding, of course! We aren’t talking a few bouquets placed here and there. An ultra floral wedding is dripping with buds. Everywhere you turn, there are flowers. No empty surfaces will do. Get your florist’s number ready, because it’s time to rock some serious floral inspiration.

1. A Floral Ceremony

It all starts at the ceremony. Even if you’re using a flower girl or boy, that doesn’t mean you can’t line the edges of the aisle with flowers as well. Go for a solid line of flowers for maximum impact. If you have a wedding arch, extend the line of flowers along this as well. Just imagine the pictures you’ll take under that arch!

Ultra Floral Wedding: Arch

Heather Nan Photography

2. Creative Signs

Think of the little signs or stations you’ll have at the ceremony and reception. There’s likely a cool way to incorporate a ton of flowers. For instance, this wedding features a custom seating chart sign filled with pretty pink and peach buds.

Ultra Floral Wedding: Floral Seating Chart

Shindig Chic

3. Above the Tables

You often worry so much about what’s going on the wedding reception tables that you forget about the space above them. If you have ceilings that can accommodate hanging plants, it’s time to go all out. Remember: bigger is always better.

Ultra Floral Wedding: Hanging Flowers

Greer Gattuso Photography

4. Floral Centerpieces

When it comes to the tables, you can’t really have too many flowers. As long as guests have space for their plates and glasses, you’re good. Pick a mix of fun vases for your flowers to spill out of, like these white and gold geometric planters.

Ultra Floral Wedding: Geometric Planters

5. Pretty Hanging Lanterns

What about an outdoor wedding? Combine the lighting and flowers with these hanging lanterns. Put a tealight inside and clip beautiful buds to the line and tops of the lanterns.

Ultra Floral Wedding: Hanging Lanterns

Hopkins Studios

6. Hanging Bud Vases

Another outdoor wedding staple is? hanging vases. Pop these on every branch of the nearest tree and fill them with flowers. You could even hang them inside if you’re feeling crafty.

Ultra Floral Wedding: Hanging Vases