A Wedding on 10-10-10? It Won’t Soon Come Again!

October 10, 2010 is a Sunday, so this date is going to be a busy one for weddings! It’s a cool date for a wedding (especially since it’s in autumn), and the 10-10-10 date sequence won’t come around again for 100 years (when, I’m sure, another blogger will let brides know so they can make plans, though it might not hit on a weekend that year.)

The biggest advantage to getting married on a triple-10 date is knowing your husband will have a better chance of remembering your anniversary. (It does work. I got married on Valentine’s Day, and my sweetie has never forgotten our anniversary.)

If your wedding date happens to be 10-10-10, congratulations—and check out these personalized mint tin designs that celebrate the date! These date-specific designs are available for other select personalized favors, like playing cards, candy tins and lip balm. With a special day like this, it just makes sense to play it up! Super day! Super couple! And no doubt, on a scale of 1 to 10, your fabulous wedding will be a 10, too!