Hilary Duff’s Wedding Is Full Of Surprising New Trends

Leave it to the former Lizzie McGuire and Gossip Girl star to break all the rules for her special day on August 14th. But, for her, it was just Hil being herself. Reading all the details in OK Magazine, I’m amazed at her ability to step outside of the wedding box and create a fun atmosphere with understated elegance. In her words, “We didn’t want it to scream ‘wedding.’ We wanted it to just take your breath away…with a rustic look and organic feel with soft colors, nothing too bright and shocking — very classic .” In the process, she may have started some new trends for other brides to be. Here are a few of them:

Unfrosted Cake:

With elaborate fondant designs being all the rage, she opted for a less-is-more approach, having only icing between the layers. Perfect for those who scrape the icing off the cake before eating it, it was sweet without being overly so. “I’m a little picky when things get too sweet, so the cake is more buttery and the frosting is a little sweeter,” she explained. “It has all these fresh flowers all over it.”

Junk Food:

In times past, people tried to serve something sophisticated at their wedding. But lately, brides have gone “down home” with their tastes by serving comfort food, like mac and cheese and barbecue. This time, Hilary was able to do both. Feeling that she had been terribly good dieting before the wedding, she wanted to have fun at the wedding. Serving pigs in a blanket, ice cream sandwiches, sliders and corn ravioli, if any of us regular, non-celebrity folks tried that we’d be laughed off the planet. It all sounds a little strange until you discover that the pigs in a blanket were actually “really cute heart-shaped, puffed, fried things,” and the sliders were made with Wagyu beef and Gruyere cheese. Definitely a step up, I’d say. Her Mom even created a jalapeno pineapple martini as the couple’s signature drink, and the dessert station had warm, molten chocolate cake and profiterole ice cream sandwiches with hot fudge dipping sauce. Just thinking about it might make you drool!

Shoe Applique:

With this little something blue from wedding coordinator Mindy Weiss, Hilary was able to say “I Do” with every step down the aisle. Her signature “Little Something Blue For Your Shoe” puts a glitzy rhinestone applique on the sole of your wedding shoes that says “I Do.” How cute, and totally Hil. Simple, elegant pizazz!

Typos and Chipped Teeth:

I threw this one in just for fun! This would be a scary trend, but I couldn’t help notice on the wedding favors that the word “Compliments” is misspelled. It’s a shame because the cards are really cute and turn the cigar and box of chocolates into a classy personalized wedding favor. (Yikes! I wonder if anyone at the wedding noticed.) But, that’s not the only boo-boo. Hilary started her day with a chipped tooth and had to sneak out to the dentist on the morning of her wedding for a quick repair. Can you imagine that?! Just goes to show that celebrities are human, no matter how much we idolize them.

Best wishes Hilary and Mike!