Accent Your Wedding Theme with Ring Bearer Pillows!

ring-bearer-pillow-blackwhite.jpgThe traditional ring bearer pillow has long been used during wedding ceremonies to usher in the wedding rings (whether they are actually placed on the pillow or not.) But now, the ring bearer pillow has become an unexpected and trendy way to enhance the theme of your wedding.

Pillows have been used since Egyptian times to present precious jewels to the king or royal court. In that same spirit of honor and respect, the ring bearer presents the wedding rings for the couple to use in the ceremony. Whether the pillows are symbolic or they actually hold the bride and groom’s rings, these updated pillows can carry more than rings. They can also beautifully carry out your wedding theme.

ring-bearer-pillow-seashells.jpgring-bearer-pillow-starfish.jpgPlanning a beach-themed wedding often conjures thoughts of sea shells, sand and water. Who would have expected those elements to make their way onto the ring bearer pillow? But indeed, they have. Crashing on the scene with a wave of beauty, these beach-themed pillows show that you are a bride that pays attention to every elegant detail of your wedding. Not only have you provided beach-themed wedding favors for your guests, but you’ve hand selected items like these pillows with starfish and seashells to accent the theme.

ring-bearer-pillow-ruby-red.jpgring-bearer-pillow-valentine.jpgSince Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday in 2009, I’m sure there will be plenty brides who will choose to commemorate their love on this special day with a Valentine’s Day wedding. Among the other symbols of love, including heart-shaped bottle stoppers, beautiful flowers and heart cupcake holders, this red and white two-tier pillow will give your wedding that extra “Wow!” that everyone will be talking about. Thinking about a Christmas wedding instead? Use the red-and-white pillows or the ruby red pillow as an elegant addition to a classic holiday wedding. The fabric even has a shimmer to make it even more festive.

ring-bearer-pillow-butterflies.jpgring-bearer-pillow-ivory.jpg Flash back to the roaring 20’s with this elegant ivory pillow with a blush of romance. Think Flappers and pearls for a classic look that is timeless. If you really want to go all out, you and your hubby can dance the Charleston at the wedding reception. Or if a garden wedding was more of what you had in mind, you’ll definitely appreciate the embroidered butterflies on this white satin pillow.

These pillows make quite a statement. So much so that ring bearers everywhere will be clamoring to get there hands on these! Don’t forget to thank them for their hard work with a gift of appreciation, like a personalized backpack, an engraved baseball bat or even a designer ring bearer cap!